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Visitation / Parental Responsibility

Father and Daughter Ms Speedy Legal Document Service only uses court-approved forms. We only ask factual questions to complete the forms. The following information is provided for you on top of all the instructions for the Florida Supreme Court Approved Family Law forms. This information is not intended as legal advice. Please consult an attorney for legal advice.

Temporary Modification Of Parenting Issues For Child(Ren) Of Parent Activated, Deployed, Or Temporarily Assigned To Military Service

This service may be used If a parent seeks a temporary modification of an order establishing custody, visitation, a parenting plan, or Timesharing schedule because the parent is activated, deployed, or temporarily assigned to military service and the parent's ability to comply with the prior order (s) and Timesharing schedule is materially affected.

Parenting Plan

This service may be used if you would like to establish visitation for the holidays, summer, spring and winter break birthday, father's day, and mother's day, etc., legally through the court.

Supervised/Safety-Focused Parenting Plan

This service may be used if you feel your child(ren) cannot be safe alone with the other parent or if you believe shared parental responsibility presents a detriment to the child(ren).

Relocation/Long Distance Parenting Plan

This service may be used for the relocation/ long-distance parental plan.

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